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Dr. Charles Ahn
Dr. Charles Ahn
2010 FebruaryThe chairman of the board of directors of POSCO
2009 DecemberThe 1st Korea Brand Image Award (Association of Image Consultants International)
2008 AugustThe 1st Blue Leadership Award (Forbes Korea)
2006 June‘Selected as the most intelligent entrepreneur in Korea' (Wisdom Center)
2006 March'Selected as the healthiest entrepreneur' (Survey by Weekly Economist)
2005 June'Selected as the 3rd most respected entrepreneur' (Survey by KMAC executives)
2005 February'Creative Managers in 2005' (Designated by Taiwan's BUSINESS NEXT as
the world's 100 global leaders)
2003 DecemberCompleted Corporate Governance from Korea University
2000 OctoberTrained from Venture Business Program of Stanford University
1997 MayEarned an Executive Master's degree in Technology Management at University of
Pennsylvania's School of Engineering and its Wharton School of Business
1991 FebruaryEarned a Medical Doctor Degree from Seoul National University

After winning his professorship at the age of 27 in 1986, Charles Ahn M.D. developed and released his first anti-virus software solution in 1988. After his initial software’s success, Dr. Ahn founded AhnLab, Inc in 1995 and was rewarded to see his share-ware anti-virus software, “V3”, gain popularity and an explosively expanding customer base. While juggling the responsibilities of entrepreneurship, Dr. Ahn began simultaneously completing coursework for his Executive Master’s degree in Technology Management sponsored by University of Pennsylvania's School of Engineering and its Wharton School of Business, a program which he completed in 1997.

Because of the success of AhnLab and the highest standard of ethics which he holds for himself and his company, Dr. Charles Ahn has grown to become one of the most respected CEOs in Korea.

“Ahn is already a legend in Korea's startup pantheon. Now, Koreans are watching to see if this star entrepreneur can turn AhnLab into a global player.”


“The CEO of the publicly traded AhnLab, Inc., which produces information technology security systems, Dr. Ahn is regularly ranked as one of the country’s most admired chief executives.”

The Asian Wall Street Journal, May 9, 2003